Agha Noor is a clothing brand. Agha Noor manufactures semi-formal, formal, party wear, wedding dresses, etc.

This brand was launched in 2011. It was started by two sisters who had vast knowledge of business. One’s name is Agha Noor and the other sister’s name is Agha Hira. Sisters worked together day and night on this brand and this hard work The reason for their success. This brand name is taken as one of the best clothing brand in Pakistan.

If someone wants to wear a formal dress, someone wants to have a fancy party, someone has to go to a wedding, This brand fulfills the needs of all these people. Internationally, the brand has various stores in the cities of London and Birmingham. When the new collection of this brand comes in the market, people immediately like to buy this new collection. People are eagerly waiting for the new collection of this brand.

Bridal Collection 2022 is available in the market. The fabric is used in such a way that once you wear it, you want to wear it again and again. Nowadays, everyone is looking for soft and comfortable dresses. Mehndi, Barat, Nikah and Walima for all occasions. This brand has a charming variety. Agha Noor Bridal Collection 2022 has made it easy. Click on the link below to shop stunning dresses.

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